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Searching for Data

Searching for Data provides several different ways to find data on our site. You can search for data using the following mechanisms:

  • The dataset catalogue, where you can view and browse all datasets uploaded to the site. You can then use the filtering functions to assist you in locating the relevant dataset you are looking for. homepage shown with Datasets button outlined
  • Data uploaded by a specific organisation can be located under the Organisations tab on the home page. Once you select the relevant organisation, you can use the filtering functions to assist you in locating datasets of interest. homepage shown with Oranisations button outlined
  • Using keywords and filtering functions to search for relevant datasets in the Search for data field. If you click on the Datasets link on the homepage it will provide you with the advanced filtering functions to further refine your search results. search bar

Please be aware that there are some limitations on dataset previews. Even if an appropriately formatted file is uploaded, if the file contains a large amount of records, it can become unfeasible for the system to correctly render the preview. This appears to be the case with large XML files.

It is important to note that these datasets will continue to be accessible via the API where they are in a machine clean data format.

If you have questions or need additional clarification on a specific dataset, please contact the organisation responsible for the data. For further information on this, please see the page Contacting the Data Custodian.