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Publishing Data

Metadata Definitions and Requirements

The following tables describe the metadata standards used by, these terms align with the Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) metadata standards as of 2022.

Create Dataset (Page 1)

Term NameTerm Definition Required Field
TitleThe title or name given to the data setYes
URLThe online location of the data set/sYes
DescriptionA description of the content/and or components of the data setNo
KeywordsA description of the content and/orcomponents of the data setNo
LicenseLicense details giving official permission to use the data set/sYes
UnpublishedMetadata stays at draft status; therefore, Users will not be able to view data sets or access links No
OrganisationThe agency or division responsible for publication of the data represented in the data setYes
VisibilityPublic: Data set is visible to all Users/Custodians
Private: Data set is only available to Organisation/Custodian responsible for data set
Geospatial CoverageGeographical area covered by the data Yes
Temporal Coverage From:Date of commencement of data set Yes
Temporal Coverage To:Date of conclusion of data set Yes
LanguageThe language the data set is presented in, default language is English No
Data StatusThe status of the data with regard to whether it is kept updated (active, yes) or historic (inactive, no)Yes
Update FrequencyHow often the dataset is updated. Eg: Daily, Weekly, NeverYes
Expose User Contact InformationWhether the user contact details should be public as well as the organisation contact detailsNo
Add AGIFT Function/ThemeThe Australian Government Interactive Functions Thesaurus (AGIFT) function to which the data set relatesYes
AuthorThe agency; division; department or 3rd party authorised to release and/or share the data setNo
ContactContact email address for questions about content of published data setYes
Jurisdiction The country/region in which the server on which data is stored is locatedYes
Geospatial TopicThe high level ISO1 9115 topics (drop down box)No
Data ModelsLinks to information on relevant data models, ontologies, taxonomies etc specific to your dataset.No
Fields of Research The Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification field or fields of research relevant to the dataset.No

Add Data (Page 2)

Term NameTerm Definition Required Field
FileUpload: manually uploading data set file
Link: adding link to API data set URL
NameName of the data setYes
DescriptionUseful information explaining the content of the data set No
FormatThe file type of the data set that is uploaded Yes (will automatically fill if left blank)
Extract Resources from Zip FilesWhether any resources inside zip files should be extracted into separate resources.No
Data Last ModifiedThe date that the uploaded data file was last modifiedYes