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Commonwealth Arrangements series

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The arrangements for data integration involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes (the Commonwealth arrangements), specify three stakeholder roles in a data integration project that uses Commonwealth data (the project). These are the data user, the data custodian and the integrating authority.

Role and responsibilities

The data user (or researcher), is the person or entity who accesses the integrated dataset (at a unit record level) to conduct research. For example, the data user can be an academic working in a research institution, or an employee in a State/Territory government agency.

The data custodian is the entity responsible for the source data and any activities relating to it, such as its collection, management, protection and access approval. Often their responsibilities are set out in relevant legislation.

The integrating authority is the single organisation ultimately responsible for the sound conduct of the statistical data integration project. It is responsible for the implementation of the data integration project and the management of the integrated dataset throughout its entire life cycle, ensuring full compliance with commitments made to data custodians, and in line with the Commonwealth arrangements. The integrating authority is also responsible for providing data users with safe and secure access to the integrated data in line with the requirements of data custodians.

For more detailed information about these roles, see Information Sheets 4 –7 or the Roles and Responsibilities pages of A Guide for Data Integration Projects Involving Commonwealth Data for Statistical and Research Purposes (the Guide).

The process for conducting a project

There are many ways a data integration project can be conducted. On the reverse side of this information sheet a process map outlines the stages a project will generally go through to align with the Commonwealth arrangements, although there may be variations depending on specific project requirements. Most of the stages should already align with existing project approval procedures, with only some additional steps incorporated to reflect the requirements of the Commonwealth arrangements.

For more detail about the different stages a project will generally go through, see the Project Application and Project Delivery pages of the Guide.

A Process Map for Data Integration Projects

Process map for data integration projects.jpeg