Data Integration Involving Commonwealth Data for Statistical and Research Purposes: Governance and Institutional Arrangements - Transition Arrangements

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Data Integration involving Commonwealth Data

Transition arrangements will apply during the early stages of the implementation of the high level principles and the governance and institutional arrangements for data integration involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes. Transition arrangements include the following:

  • The Board and Secretariat will be established in early 2011 to commission cross government work to develop and begin communicating the guidelines, the education and training strategy, the use of survey liaison officers, and accreditation criteria for integrating authorities.
  • In early 2011, it is expected that a small number of agencies will be accredited as authorised integrating authorities for high risk projects. This will be an interim accreditation, subject to review and finalisation of the formal accreditation process in early 2012.
  • The education and training strategy will be developed by January 2013 to provide a range of self help tools to inform stakeholders. This will be expanded to include seminars, workshops, and conferences. The strategy will also be designed to develop the skills of integrating authorities.
  • New data integration projects which commence prior to the development of the guidelines are expected to be set up to conform to the high level principles.
  • High risk projects should be notified to the Secretariat for review by the Board. The project should be fully developed before consideration by the Board. However, in the initial stages, it may be useful for those developing the proposal to liaise with the Secretariat. Where a new, potentially high risk project has been substantially developed, and committed timeframes do not permit review by the Board, the Board should be notified of the project and it should be treated as a project currently underway.
  • Those projects, including families of projects, which are underway as at October 2010, and which are expected to be completed by October 2012, will not be subject to the new arrangements, although project managers are encouraged to consider the conformity of the project to the principles and to seek advice from the Secretariat if there are aspects of the projects that may be of concern.
  • Those projects, including families of projects, which are underway, and are expected to continue beyond October 2012, will need to become aligned with the principles, and with the proposed governance and institutional arrangements. It is proposed that such projects are brought into alignment by October 2012.