Data Integration Involving Commonwealth Data for Statistical and Research Purposes: Governance and Institutional Arrangements - 7

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Data Integration involving Commonwealth Data

A small Secretariat will be established by early 2011 and based in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, to support the Board and its ongoing activities.

The Secretariat will support the Board by:

  • Providing administrative support as needed to facilitate meetings, maintain centralised documentation and undertake investigation or development work as directed by the Board.
  • Assisting the cross government development of the guidelines, the development and, in part, the delivery of the education and training strategy, and expansion of the network of survey liaison officers.
  • Developing and maintaining a web-based public register of the description of projects and the provision of a public feedback mechanism, in conjunction with other agencies.
  • Monitoring the risk assessment of projects, including legal and systemic risks, advising project managers where further advice has been requested, and identifying instances where apparently high risk projects have not been assessed as such, initiating discussion with the agency involved in the first instance to resolve concerns, and as required, escalating the assessed level of risk, for Board consideration.
  • Providing a contact point in government for issues relating to data integration involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes, whether coming from data custodians, integrating authorities, researchers or the public.
  • Following development of the public register, releasing an annual report on key aspects of data integration activity involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes, including a summarised report on public feedback.