Data Integration Involving Commonwealth Data for Statistical and Research Purposes: Governance and Institutional Arrangements - 6

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Data Integration involving Commonwealth Data

Consistent with a more open government, and to build trust through transparency, a web-based register will be established to include a description of data integration projects involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes. A public feedback mechanism will enable members of the public to register support or concerns and make suggestions about particular projects or families of projects.

The register entry will describe the project purpose and data sources, recognising that specific details on individual use will generally not be made publicly available for in-confidence government business. For similar reasons, actual data will not be included. A format for such submissions will be developed across government and made available through self-help mechanisms (email, SLO network, internet site).

The integrating authority nominated for each project will be responsible for submitting an entry to the register once the project is finalised.

The register will be available through an appropriate whole-of-government web site, along with related information, including the high level principles, the guidelines and access to the public feedback mechanism. It is expected that development of the register will commence in 2011 with trialling through 2012 and final release by 2013.

The Secretariat will maintain the register and associated internet site.