Data Integration Involving Commonwealth Data for Statistical and Research Purposes: Governance and Institutional Arrangements - 1

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Data Integration involving Commonwealth Data

A high level Cross Portfolio Data Integration Oversight Board (the Board) will be established by early 2011 to oversee the development of a cross government environment for data integration involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes that is safe and effective. The Board will be chaired by the Australian Statistician and membership will initially include the heads of the Department of Health and Ageing; the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs; and the Department of Human Services.

The role of the Board will be to:

  • Provide strategic and collaborative leadership, support effective governance and help manage the risks of particular data integration projects;
  • Help manage the systemic risk associated with conducting multiple data integration projects involving Commonwealth data through assessment of proposed risk mitigation strategies, and the provision of advice; and
  • Endorse any changes or additions to the overall environment, including amendments to the principles or guidelines, or the development of new general tools to support integration or safe access to integrated data for statistical and research purposes.

Activities of the Board will include:

  • Advising on data integration projects assessed as being of high risk and with the potential to significantly impact information related activities across government. Where the Board advises on amendments to, or discontinuation of, a particular project, the relevant custodians and integrating authority will need to consider these views in deciding whether to proceed with the proposed project.
  • Working with agencies to help ensure the systemic risk associated with high risk projects is adequately managed. It will do this by reviewing data integration projects involving Commonwealth data deemed by agencies to pose a significant level of systemic risk, and advising on the sufficiency of the intended risk mitigation strategies.
  • Review of any adverse incidents of high public concern relating to data integration involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes, and seen as having a likely systemic impact on public trust in government use of data.
  • Consultation with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, as required. The Board is also free to consult representatives from the research community or other parties as required.