Using Data

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Using Data

Data analysis and visualisation tools

The CKAN platform supports basic graph, mapping and spreadsheet display tools. Finance is exploring better tools to use in future, after initially focusing on getting the best quality and best possibly supported data publishing processes for entities.

Entities can review the “Developer toolkit” for GovHack competition website, as it provides a number of resources and tools that are updated yearly –

Zip Preview

The zipped resource view was introduced to increase the utility and usability of zipped data on This allows users to view the content of zipped resources without the need to download and extract files on their local system.

The view will automatically be added to any new zip file added to Data publishers may opt to add the zip view to their existing dataset resources by;

  1. Browsing to the zipped resource
  2. Clicking the Manage button
  3. Clicking on the Views tab link
  4. Clicking on the New view button and select ZIP viewer
  5. Entering an appropriate Title (we suggest Zip view)
  6. Clicking the Add button

The viewer is also compatible with zip files not hosted on

Embedding a dataset

On the 13 December 2013 announced a new feature which allowed users to embed dataset visualisations. Users can now make datasets available on and then, if the data is machine readable, embed the resultant visualisation. This allows for embedding the basic graphing and visualisation available on across the web.

To embed a dataset follow these instructions:

  1. Browse to the dataset you’d like to embed.
  2. From the list of resources click on the Explore button and select the preview button.
  3. If the site can generate a preview of the dataset you will be able to embed it.
    1. It’s important to note that it can take some time for the preview to become active. If a preview is not generated within 24 hours and you believe that you’ve uploaded a compatible file please get in contact with the team.
  4. Copy the contents of the text area underneath the ‘Embed this visualisation in your own website...’
  5. This code can be pasted on any page which accepts which HTML input.

Dataset Preview Limitations

There are some limitations of dataset previews. Even if an appropriately formatted file is uploaded if the file contains a large amount of records it can become unfeasible for the system to correctly render the preview. This appears to be the case with large XML files.

It is important to note that these dataset will continue to be accessible via the API where they are in a machine clean data format.

Use Cases

A list of applications, websites and visualisations that make use of data is available on the website. We encourage that anybody who uses the data available on in their project to submit the use case to the team.

Submitting a Use Case

To submit your project to the team simply send an email to the inbox. Please include the below form. A member of the team will be in touch once your submission is reviewed.


The name which will be displayed for the project.


Please keep the description to less than 100 words.

Type of Project

Can be API, application, news article, academic paper, visualisation or any other use of data.


Let us know which datasets you're using for your project.

If applicable please also attach a screenshot of your use case.

All use cases will be considered by the team prior to their appearance on the site.