Statistical Data Integration

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What is statistical data integration?

Statistical data integration involves combining information from different administrative and/or survey sources to provide new datasets for statistical and research purposes.

A safe and effective environment for statistical data integration involving Commonwealth data

In 2010, the Secretaries Board (i.e. heads of all Commonwealth government agencies and the Australian Public Service Commission) endorsed a set of principles to govern integration of Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes, as well as a set of governance and institutional arrangements to support these principles.

An important part of the governance and institutional arrangements is being able to hold one agency accountable for the safe implementation of a data integration project. To make this happen, an integrating authority must be appointed for every data integration project involving Commonwealth data. For data integration proposals that involve Commonwealth data and are considered 'high risk', an accredited Integrating Authority must be used.

Initial implementation

Initial implementation of the Commonwealth arrangements commenced on 1 July 2014. For more details see Scope of the Commonwealth Arrangements.

Projects in scope

Statistical data integration framework

Roles and responsibilities


A Guide to Data Integration Projects Involving Commonwealth Data for Statistical and Research Purposes