High Level Principles for Data Integration - Principle Five - Statistical & Research Purposes

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High Level Principles for Data Integration series

Statistical data integration must be used for statistical and research purposes only.

This principle requires that where data integration is approved and implemented for statistical and research purposes, it is not then used for regulatory purposes, compliance monitoring, or service delivery. This helps to ensure that the risk of breaches of personal information and the potential impact of any inadvertent breach remain low.

Statistical data integration must not be used for non-statistical purposes requiring the identification of an individual person, household, family or business, for example the delivery of services to particular individuals, individual compliance monitoring, client management, incident investigation, or for regulatory purposes. However the insights gained through statistical and research outputs are expected to improve processes in these areas.

There must be no feedback of information relating to individuals or individual businesses, from the statistical data integration project back to the originating administrative sources, unless that feedback was derived from a single source and is returning the same data to that source.