Data Integration - Interim Accreditation Audit

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Accreditation series

  1. The integrating authority accreditation process requires an independent audit of the applicant's self-assessment against the accreditation criteria.
  2. The function of the audit is to ensure the integrating authority’s self-assessment report is true and correct and the evidence supplied meets the eight criteria requirements:
    1. ability to ensure secure data management;
    2. integrating authorities must demonstrate that information that is likely to enable identification of individuals or organisations is not disclosed to external users;
    3. availability of appropriate skills;
    4. appropriate technical capability;
    5. lack of conflict of interest;
    6. culture and values that ensure protection of confidential information and support the use of data as a strategic resource;
    7. transparency of operation; and
    8. appropriate governance and administrative framework.

What is the process for securing audit services for integrating authority accreditation?

  1. Integrating authorities (including both Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth organisations) applying for accreditation must engage a qualified auditor for the provision of auditing services as part of the interim accreditation process.
  2. The 'Terms of Reference for Audits of Integrating Authorities' must be incorporated into the contractual arrangement between the integrating authority and the audit firm, and the scope of work in the arrangement must clearly reflect the obligations set out at Clause 4 of the Terms of Reference. Terms of Reference For Audits of Integrating Authorities July 2014.docx
  3. The integrating authority is responsible for the costs of the audit.
  4. It is expected that the costs for these audit services will be below $80,000, and therefore Division 2 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules will not apply. However, it is up to each integrating authority to follow its internal procurement procedures in engaging an audit provider.

Need more information?

  1. Commonwealth data integration accreditation has recently undergone a period of review. The interim Data Integration Accreditation Subcommittee Secretariat can provide information on the governance and application process. Please email